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FAD wants to offer a wide and refined range of designer chairs and armchairs designed for different uses and styles of furniture, from domestic environments to professional and representative spaces.

FAD wants to offer a wide and refined range of designer chairs and armchairs designed for different uses and styles of furniture, from domestic environments to professional and representative spaces.

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Chesterfield Moon model

Price €2,008.20 2008.2

The Chesterfiel Moon is a beautiful model that revises the old chesterfield model in a modern key. The seat, backrest and armrests are a single piece to symbolize the embrace that the sofa wants to give to whoever sits down. The decoration, on the other hand, takes up the classic chesterfield models with a quilted texture. The details and the quality of the materials make this sofa a beautiful design piece of furniture perfect for your home.

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Lek model

Price €1,885.25 1885.25

The Lek armchair is inspired by the model whose design concept is a soft and rounded shape with a welcoming and comfortable seat. The curved backrest and also the curved seat create relaxation and movement in the design of the whole chair without drastic shapes that cut the essence. The armchair is perfect for decorating a modern and minimalist environment.

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Accent chair model

Price €2,131.15 2131.15

The Accent armchair is a perfect seat for a living room or a hotel showroom or a waiting room. The armchair is made up of a straight steel base and a wooden seat that recalls the shape of a scoop. The seat is made comfortable by a memory foam backrest and a seat also in memory foam. The fusion of different materials creates a splendid play of colors that is perfect for the design of your home.

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Flower chair

Price €639.34 639.34

The Flower chair is a perfect armchair to combine with a design table. Its shape resembles a small throne. The base is an inverted cone but with more rounded corners while the seat is comfortable with the armrests that envelop the person sitting on it. Elegance, design and beauty are the main features of this chair/armchair. This chair is inspired from the Project made by Monica Armani for the Flair O' chair.

Inspired by Egg chip leather ottoman

Price €409.84 409.84

This ottoman is created for Jacobsen's iconic Egg chiar. Its structure is in fiberglass covered in memory foam. The spoke is in chromed steel. Its beauty accompanies the iconic Jacobsen chair from which our company is inspired to reproduce this splendid design object.

Platner armchair model

Price €409.84 409.84

Platner is a chair inspired by the Platner series. Its peculiarity is like the table the steel structure with a radial structure that enhances its beauty and versatility. It is perfect for a design living room. Its finishes can be in natural chromed steel, black or gold. The cushions and backrest can be finished in different materials.

Puffer armchair model

Price €1,310.35 1310.35

The model is inspired by the Puffer model. Puffer chair is a very elegant and enveloping chair with seat and armrests that come together in a single module. The seat is very comfortable and allows a complete design. Its elegance allows perfect use in a modern living room or in a bedroom.

Pacha armchair model

Price €1,445.90 1445.9

The Model is inspired by Pacha Model. Elegant and comfortable is a masterpiece of the design. Avaiable in different colors and fabric. Let us know how you would like to personalized the chair

Model Inspired by Soriana chair

Price €1,984.50 1984.5

Afra and Tobia Scarpa designed the Soriana series for Cassina in the 1970s. Soriana models have the particularity of being compressed by a metal part that encloses the whole seat. The seat is very resistant but nevertheless there is an excellent softness when sitting down. The Soriana series represents an icon in design furniture and is perfect for any modern environment because it is elegant and absolutely contemporary.

The Armchair is inspired by the Palms Chair model

Price €1,653.75 1653.75

The Palms chair is a chair whose main feature is comfort. Its very wide seat and wide backrest give complete relaxation to those who sit. The wooden feet are reminiscent of the Nordic design that this chair brings with it. The upholstery is in fabric and is available in various colors. Its design is perfect for a modern and essential environment.

Chair inspired by the Victoria ghost chair model

Price €661.50 661.5

The chair is the icon of the series designed by Kartell. Its structure is solid despite being very light. It is perfect for the home as it combines design and elegance without disturbing the context. The chair is available in different colors.

Chair inspired by the Almora Chair model

Price €1,929.38 1929.38

The chair is enveloping and protective like a soft blanket. Its design consists of the mix of different materials that make up the seat. The design consists of the fusion of elongated and comfortable shapes. The artistic vision is synthesized between designed originalities typical of the period. A chair with a unique design and new technology.

Chair inspired by the ARTIFORT F598 Chair model

Price €2,094.75 2094.75

The chair designed by Pierre Paulin in the 80s is an inspiration to a volumetric and expressionist design out of the ordinary. Its characteristic is this wave that covers the seat and ends in the legs. Its comfort and its design are unique. The chair is upholstered in fabric and ends with feet, aluminum slats. The chair is truly a piece of art and a unique design icon for your home.

Chair inspired by the Stay Chair model

Price €1,543.50 1543.5

The chair has an elegant shape with a wide seat and back. Everything is finished with a chromed steel frame that gives elegance and refinement to the chair. The design is essential but elegant. The legs are slender but sturdy. The upholstery fabric is available in different colors.

Chair inspired by the Gemma chair model

Price €1,653.75 1653.75

The chair is inspired by the Gemma Chair model. Elegant and perfect chair for any environment. Its structure is light, ergonomic, perfect for a modern and essential environment. The chair has a seat and a wide backrest. Relax, elegance and lightness are the perfect adjectives for this design chair.

Chair inspired by the Fil Noir Chair model

Price €882.00 882

The Fil Noir chair is a design object that blends harmony and elegance and comfort, with a metal structure that supports a seat and a backrest that intertwine. The whole seat, made of polyurethane, gives comfort and softness perfect for relax.

Chair inspired by the Bice chair

Price €1,764.00 1764

The style of the Bice chair is characterized by a very simple, light and comfortable chair. A fusion of antique and design, with a perfect solution for every room in the house. The very thin and tapered legs support a wide and wide seat, perfect for comfort. The elegance and simplicity of the chair make it an extraordinary design object

Chair inspired by the Angie chair model

Price €1,433.25 1433.25

An external element like a small wing that covers the armchair, almost supporting the seat. All restored in the softness of the backrest fabric. This is the main feature of the chair which in addition to the beautiful design represents an icon of technological perfection.
The curved lines of the armchair are truncated by the very tapered legs that give lightness and softness to the chair.

Chair inspired by the Serpentine Chair model

Price €1,653.75 1653.75

The chair was born in 2012 with a very resistant and light aluminum structure, easy to move from one place to another in the house. The seat is an attractive mix between an indoor and outdoor chair. The seat is refined, elegant and of great comfort.

The Armchair is inspired by the Elysee Chair model

Price €1,874.25 1874.25

The Elysée chair was designed by the genius of Pierre Paulin is explicit praise to contemporary comfort. This project was carried out for the Pompidou to set up a series of reception rooms. With this chair Paulin has brought and expressed all his genius through modernity and innovation. The chair welcomes the person in all its shape and creates comfort in all its splendor.

The chair is inspired by the Winston Chair model

Price €1,874.25 1874.25

The Winston chair is built into the seat and back with perfect aesthetics and ergonomics. The exterior is made up of a shell covered in fabric or eco-leather. The whole armchair has a slender and light air. The main features are comfort and elegance, where the chair becomes a timeless object, modern and contemporary but also classic at the same time.

The chair is inspired by the Aston Dining model

Price €1,323.00 1323

The chair is inspired by the Aston Dining Chair. The Aston dining chair is a chair with very rounded and enveloping lines that summarizes the main feature of the chair: elegance and modernity. The structure is padded on very tapered wooden legs. The materials used for the upholstery are fabric and eco-leather. The chair represents an icon of elegance and perfect design.

Chair inspired by the Mills chair model

Price €1,323.00 1323

The Mills chair has light proportions, with very sinuous and dynamic profiles. The design is clearly Nordic inspired, with a project absolutely focused on comfort. The materials used such as steel give a solid and light structure to the chair. The upholstery, on the other hand, is in fabric. The Mills chair is certainly a very refined design, perfect for a modern dining room.

Inspired by Togo model

Price €1,488.38 1488.38

The  armchair is inspired by Togo model. Togo is an armchair designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset in 1973. This object with a unique and original design is made of polyurethane foam and covered in fabric or eco-leather. The main feature is the workmanship in folds, which make it an icon for modern style home furnishings. The seat is soft and the structure is strong and resistant. The chair is available in fabric and eco-leather with different colors.

Chair inspired by the Moustache chair model

Price €441.00 441

The chair consists of two large metal tubes that fit together. The line that is created is enveloping and sinuous, with the union between seat and backrest. The level of comfort is very high thanks to its practicality. The upholstery is in fabric and can be done in multiple colors.

Chair inspired by the Aura M Chair model

Price €2,094.75 2094.75

Aura Chair M is composed of a high backrest that protects the seat and creates a niche and an environment sheltered from the rest of the room. Its sculpture-like shape is almost reminiscent of an imposing architectural element, but creates isolation and privacy in offices, halls, living rooms and living rooms. Its unique design elevates it to a design chair perfect for modern environments.

Chair inspired by the Laub Wire Chair model

Price €1,984.50 1984.5

The Jehs + Laub collection for KnollStudio is inspired by the structure and geometry of previous projects by Knoll by Mies van der Rohe, Florence Knoll and Harry Bertoia. Its rounded and wide structure of the Lounge Chair has an aerodynamic line with a seat and a composed and inviting interior inspired by traditional quilting.

Chair inspired by the K2 model

Price €1,653.75 1653.75

Che chair is inspired bt the K2 model. K2 chair is a modern armchair with a classic design. Its main feature is the asymmetrical design which gives it a very functional and strong identity compared to other symmetrical chairs. Thanks to this particular design, the seat can be adapted to different positions for those who use it, never losing comfort. The chair is suitable for any modern environment, from a living room to a bedroom.The charm of K2 is the same from all angles and is therefore very suitable as a freestanding chair. The steel base guarantees great stability and strength.

Inspired by the Ezy Easy chair model

Price €1,984.50 1984.5

In 2014 Christophe Pillet and Offecct created the exceptional Ezy Easy chair. Simplicity, elegance, normality are the perfect adjectives for this chair, created with the aim of giving a functional, normal and long-lasting design. The dimensions of the chair are perfectly calculated to create comfort and relaxation in a universal home environment.

The chair is inspired by the Roar and rabbit chair

Price €1,874.25 1874.25

The Roar and Rabbit chair is an extremely ergonomic chair with a comfortable design. Studied in detail such as the seams on the sides, it can be adapted to any design environment of the house. Comfort and elegance are the hallmarks of this chair.The painted steel legs are detached from the rest of the chair giving strength to the structure. Design, comfort, elegance, refinement are the right adjectives for this chair.

Chair inspired by the Oslo Chair

Price €1,819.13 1819.13

The chair is inspired by the Oslo Chair model. The Oslo Chair is the result of an eccentric collection of designers. The particular color and comfort immediately stand out. The lines are modern and simple, ideal in a contemporary living room. The whole chair is wrapped in quality fabric, which covers the entire structure. The very thin and elongated feet are in steel or aluminum. Their shape creates an almost floating seat. The perfection of the chair allows it to be glued in a modern living room but also in a design studio, with the right attention to the customer's well-being.

Chair inspired by the Chair One

Price €1,323.00 1323

Chair inspired by the Chair One model. Born from a project by Konstantin Grcic, Chair One is formed by the composition of irregular triangles. It represents a masterpiece of lightness and dynamism, which rests on four legs with a regular section. The chair is studied exploiting the potential of aluminum: lightness, versatility and dynamism. The Chair One is an excellent furnishing both for the interior and for the outside, but above all it represents an icon of contemporary design.

Chair inspire by the Drop chair model

Price €1,653.75 1653.75

The chair is inspired by the Drop chair model. The Drop Chair is a small chair but with a very marked personality. Its main features are: an original design that makes it look like a drop and a shape of the back that leaves a free and wide movement that makes the seat very comfortable.