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FAD wants to offer a wide and refined range of designer chairs and armchairs designed for different uses and...


The FAD design armchairs narrate a culture guided by the principles of comfort, style and beauty, which are the...


FAD offers a selection of sofas that represent the symbol of excellence in design and quality, with timeless icons.


FAD tables contain a collection designed for everyday life and for the passion of the home. The elegant and...

Design sideboards

The sideboard is an important piece of furniture, ideally placed in a dining room or a living room. It is perfect...

Vintage furniture

FAD has decided to select for you some prestigious furnishings and to embellish your home as a unique place of pure...


The beds of design are a wonderful choice for the clients which prefer an elegant and contemporary decor in a...

Design office furniture

You are welcome to the world of design office furniture , here is a beautiful place where luxury and style create a...

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If your idea is to bring style and creativity into your home then you are on the right page. We do present our new...

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Price €990 990

The Thomas chiar has a semicirculare metal base that continues up to the armrests by connectiong the top, bottom and offering elegance and stability. The back and seat have a rounded shape to ensure comfort and lightness. Ideal for restaurants, hotels and designer livingrooms. Customizations are possible on request.

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Price €1,290 1290

The Thomas chair has a semicircular metal base that continues up to the armrests by connecting the top, bottom and offering elegance and stability. The back and seat have a rounded shape to ensure comfort and lightness. Ideal for restaurants, hotels and designer livingrooms. Customizations are available on request.

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Price €1,980 1980

The Mercury bed has a contemporary style with four steel feet that raise the bed from the floor. The headboard has a rectangular structure with a quilted cover that recalls the style of Chester sofas. This detail makes the bed design, elegant and versatile, suitable for various environments such as luxury homes, hotels and lofts . Customizations are possible on request.

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Price €2,190 2190

The tender bed has a metallic base that rests on the floor with a covering that runs around the perimeter of the bed. The headbord has a curved structure on the sides that enclose the first part of the bed. This type of design make the bed a perfect product for luxury homes, design houses, hotels and bedrooms with a modern style.Customizations are possible on request

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Price €2,290 2290

The stripes bed has a metal base that rests on the floor with a covering on top that surrounds the entire bed. The headborard has a metal structure with an internal union between metal lines and fabric parts that characterize this design bed. This geometric design makes the forniture an ideal product for hotels, luxury homes and bedrooms with a modern design. Customizations are possible on request.

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Ellipse armchair

Price €1,390 1390

The Ellipse armchair is ideal for a hotel lounge, showroom, or waiting area. It boasts a modular base made of stainless steel 304. With its comfortable and eye-catching design featuring slim metal legs, the chair offers both style and comfort. The seat and backrest are semi-circular, with integrated armrests. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of your space.

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OLIVER elegant and cozy armchair

Price €1,990 1990

Oliver is an elegant and cozy armchair with a seat and armrests that come together in a single module. The seat is comfortable with a complete design. Its elegance makes it perfect for use in a modern living room or bedroom. Customization and personalization options are available upon request.

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NED armchair

Price €2,200 2200

The Ned armchair stands out with its curved lines and modern, sophisticated design. Painted steel details on the sides add a touch of elegance. The backrest and seat are designed for maximum comfort and solid support. This armchair is perfect for hotel lobbies and upscale living rooms, offering a stylish and luxurious look. Customization options are available upon request.

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CURRY armchair

Price €2,190 2190

The Curry armchair has a very thin and elegant round painted metal and wood base with a cylindrical tube that connects the seat to the base. The seat part is made up of three parts: square seat, slightly rounded backrest and armrests that join the seat and backrest. This very elegant and refined design creates a large, light seat with a modern design. The type of design of the armchair is perfect for luxury environments and interiors, such as hotel lobbies or waiting rooms.

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KONRAD armchair

Price €1,990 1990

The Konrad armchair has a very large and relaxing round seat with a small wooden curb at the base. This wood finish is then taken up in the backrest, formed by a crescent integrated into the seat structure. The armchair has a large shape, with an elegant and refined design, ideal for luxury hotels, living rooms, dining rooms, apartments with a modern design.

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CRESS armchair

Price €1,330 1330

The Cress armchair has a four-spoke wooden base formed by thin and elegant legs. The upper part, however, swivels, has a slightly curved backrest and a wide and comfortable seat. The elegance and design of this chair is ideal for dining rooms, luxury hotels, modern homes and apartments, where the mix of elegance and design merges into a single piece of furniture.

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ASHLEY chair

Price €1,100 1100

The Ashley chair is a design chair with a painted wooden base made up of four spokes. The seat, on the other hand, has a square shape and the backrest is made up of a central opening and two lateral parts that act as armrests. The internal and external parts can be made with different colors and materials in order to customize everything.

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AMBER design chair

Price €1,880 1880

The Amber design chair has a round metal base which contrasts with a seat with a slightly rounded backrest in the upper part. The armrests, on the other hand, are made up of a light structure in wood and metal which gives lightness to the structure. The seat is large, comfortable and elegant in its shape. The seat is perfect for living rooms, waiting rooms of luxury hotel lobbies and prestigious designer apartments.

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MOLDER armchair

Price €690 690

The Molder armchair has a wooden base with four legs that support a structure in expanded polyurethane and covered in leather. The seat has armrests integrated into the seat with slightly curled sides. This design slightly resembles the wings of a seagull. This chair is perfect for dining tables, living rooms, hotels and luxury hotels.

ARUBA desk

Price €1,990 1990

The Aruba desk has a base made up of a very light and fine metal structure with two legs that connect the upper part to the lower part. The upper part of the desk is in painted plywood with two drawers and rounded ends. The union of the different materials makes the structure very modern in its design. This desk is ideal for luxury offices, hotels, high-level professional studios. Customizations are possible on request.

CAROL chair

Price €1,550 1550
Modern design chair with a semicircular metal base that provides stability and gives it a distinctive style. Elegant and contemporary, it represents a bold expression of design. Round seat with semicircular back and integrated armrests for unparalleled comfort. Every detail is handcrafted, lending a touch of class and quality craftsmanship. Ideal for hotels, restaurants and designer living rooms, it fits perfectly into a variety of settings, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication. Customizable to the specific needs of your space.

IKE chair

Price €1,590 1590

Ike, the chair that combines elegance and comfort with a modern twist.
Slender metal legs with a crescent-shaped seat and back, seamlessly integrated for a fluid, eye-catching design. Armrests integrated with the frame, add a touch of sophistication.
Made with 20 mm cold-foamed multi-layer and faux leather upholstery exterior, it offers an attractive appearance and exceptional comfort.
Customizable to the specific needs of your space.

MARVIN armchairs

Price €1,790 1790

Marvin, blends harmoniously with any environment. Elegant, refined and cutting-edge, it offers unparalleled comfort.
High-quality wooden frame with integrated backrest and tubular cushion. The round seat is designed to provide a relaxing and pleasant seating experience.
Integrated armrests and geometric lines give it a modern and sophisticated look, perfect for complementing design furniture and contemporary living.
Possibility of customization according to specific needs.

LINDA armchair

Price €1,890 1890

Discover elegance with Linda, an armchair that seamlessly combines the concepts of comfort and style.

Featuring a tubular structure crafted from 304 stainless steel, Linda exudes both robustness and sophistication. Its padded seat with a generously sized cold foam cushion, ample and comfortable backrest, and integrated steel armrests add a touch of modernity and functionality.

Designed to harmonize effortlessly with any space, Linda brings a touch of class to every environment.

With customizable options available, Linda can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

KALOS coffee table

Price €980 980

The Kalos coffee table is a mix of design and elegance with a curved metal base and a painted wooden drawer. The union between the different materials and the rounded shape creates a perfect design for a modern bedroom. Customizations are possible on request.

SANIM coffee table

Price €1,780 1780

The Sanim coffee table has a round base with a cylindrical tube that supports the marble top. This lightweight structure and design creates a stunning coffee table perfect for modern and luxurious environments. The marble top can be chosen from different combinations. Product customizations are possible.

ANDREIOS coffee table

Price €1,990 1990

The Andreios coffee table has a cylindrical base in painted metal and a marble top with two types of marble joined together. The top features two circles with two different marble colors to create plays of light. This coffee table is perfect for luxury living rooms, hotels, offices and modern homes. Customizations are possible on request.

SIMON bar stool

Price €1,460 1460

The Simon bar stool has a round base with a painted metal structure. The seat is in fabric and the backrest is made up of two small fabric salamis. The design of the designer stool is reminiscent of vintage stools. Ideal for hotels, luxury homes, prestigious bars. Customizations are possible on request.

Design bed MILKY

Price €2,079 2079

The MILky bed has a very minimalist, elegant structure with a refined design. The base rests on a painted brass plinth and the head has a rectangular shape with a closure on the sides. The fabric has a lively texture that gives design to the textile. The stitching details enrich the bed. Its design is perfect for modern design bedrooms, luxury hotels.

Design bed CONCEPT

Price €2,405 2405

The Concept bed has a rounded headboard with a square base. The base rests on a painted brass plinth, a detail that enriches the design of the bed. This brass detail is also visible in the headboard, which creates a crescent. The designer bed is perfect for hotels, luxury homes, designer homes and modern designed bedrooms. Customizations are possible on request.

SAN MARINO office desk

Price €2,079 2079

The San Marino office desk is made up of two rectangular parts of the same size. Its structure is made of wood, with a very elegant, refined, luxurious design. The desk is ideal for modern design offices, presidential offices and high-profile offices. Customizations are possible on request.

SWEDEN office desk

Price €2,447 2447

The Sweden office desk has a wooden structure with a stone sheet in front which gives elegance to the entire desk. The furniture is perfect for design offices, luxury offices, presidential and high profile offices, such as offices for lawyers, notaries or accountants' offices. Tailored customizations are possible.

GIBILTERRA office desk

Price €2,447 2447

The GIbilterra office desk is made up of a lacquered wood structure (glossy/matt) with drawers on the outside to hold documents. The design of the desk is modern, elegant and refined, with design details ideal for presidential and luxurious offices. Customizations are possible on request.

MALTA office desk

Price €2,510 2510

The Malta office desk is a desk with an elegant, refined, luxurious design, ideal for prestigious offices. Its wooden structure is perfect for modern offices. Drawers are inserted into the sides, ideal for desk functions. Customizations are possible on request.

Dining chairs SOLOMON

Price €924 924

The Solomon dining chair represents an elegant mix of curves, patterns and colors reminiscent of the style of the 1950s. The structure is made of wood and covered in fabric. This unique dining chair aims to give elegance, luxury and refinement to the environment. Solomon is the perfect piece to add a mid-century modern touch to your interior living room design. Customizations are possible on request.


Price €2,615 2615

This highly sophisticated sofa dons gorgeous seated material and a solid, quality wood base. With tufting and ruching throughout, this sofa is certain to bring maximum comfort and that “home sweet home” feel to your space. The Milano sofa is characterised by soft and plenty of wadding that encourages one to sit and enjoy comfort. At the end of the seat, the frame rises a little, generating the armrests.


Price €3,623 3623

The Chester Moon sofa combines fantastic comfort with a timeless appeal that outlives any trend. This new interpretation of the classic Chesterfield sofa is created by skilled artisans and designed for true sophistication. The contours are streamlined to dramatic effect, making this as much of a showpiece as it is a piece of furniture.

Design bed TERRI

Price €2,353 2353

Terri is a bed with an internal structure in plywood with double density polyurethane foam padding. The external covering, however, can be customized in different materials. Bed with a great modern design ideal for luxury homes, modern and design hotels, elegant and refined residences. Customizations are possible on request.

SWISS office desk

Price €2,259 2259

The Swiss desk has a carbon fiber top covered in leather. This plane continues to then curve and create a side and a leg that rests directly on the floor. On the opposite side, however, there is a structure made up of three drawers also covered in leather. This office desk is perfect for modern designer offices, luxury offices, and entrepreneur offices. Customizations are possible on request.

PORTUGAL office desk

Price €2,164 2164

The Portugal office desk has a wooden structure with a three-drawer structure and a painted metal side that creates contrast with the wooden material. The top is also finished in wood. The office desk has a modern, elegant, refined design perfect for a modern design office. The design is reminiscent of vintage desks, with a very essential and minimalist structure. Tailored customizations are possible.


Price €3,638 3638

The Norway desk is a very luxury office desk created with fine materials such as the marble top, the wooden structure, a part in painted brass and a part covered in leather. All these materials are joined together through a modern and futuristic design with elongated and curved shapes that make the desk a true work of art. Customizations are possible on request.