Here is a project for a modular sofa upon customer request, phase 1: space planning and construction

Dear friends, summer has finally arrived. The holiday time is here as well.

Dear clients, 1 year has passed since FAD decided to start a new adventure. The idea of creating special design objects to satisfy every desire of our clients was a great success.

They created the Eames Chair in 1956, being in a collaboration with the Herman Miller furniture company

On this special occasion, FAD is pleased to announce that we will apply a 15% discount on all our products while stock last!

Marble has always been a noble material. It was used since ancient times for creating the sculptures and some parts of buildings. The Sumerians and Babylonians in Mesopotamia used marble stone, mostly white stone to build temples and sculptures of big size.

Tobi Ishi line, Zen tables become real icons. Furthermore, the name itself refers to the polished stones (tobi - ishi) that were used as an ornamental function for traditional Japanese gardens

Pietro Fornasetti was an artist of the 20th century with so many sides: designer, decorator, painter, curator

Tufty time sofa is exactly the essence of all the aspects of the word “design”. The project, born from B&B, is inspired by the 60's and 70's models of Italian design.

Capitol Complex Chair, that is a tribute to Pierre Jeannaret, stands for its original construction with Vienna straw seat